Vasco Portugal is a PhD candidate who is working for his thesis on “Design Metrics: reducing the load of buildings energy paradigm” in the MIT Architectural Robotics Laboratory under the MIT Portugal doctorate program in Sustainable Energy Systems. His research focuses on validating a methodology for conceiving housing benefiting from the use of predevelopment baseline metrics and multi-objective optimization to permit engineering analysis and CAD-CAM manufacture. The aim is to demonstrate how a new paradigm for the conceptualization and construction of buildings can be conceived of as an entirely factory based process.

Working with the Changing Places group at MIT Media Lab, Vasco helped establish a new methodology to outline metrics for optimization in the household environment involved in the CityHome research project and developing a new charging system to integrate electric vehicles and smart grids for the CityCar research project. He is also involved in research for development with the MIT SIGUS group and the “SURE-Africa” program to promote sustainable development through the vital area of energy efficiency in buildings in developing countries.

Graduated from FAUTL in Lisbon and with a Master degree in “Digital Tectonics” granted by IaaC/UPC in Barcelona with two Post graduations in “Three-dimensional modeling” at the Calouste Gulbenkian/SUPINFOCOM and “Environmental Management Studies” at Harvard Extension(ongoing), he has previously worked in Massimiliano Fuksas(Rome), ADEPT and JDS(Copenhagen) offices.



IaaC MAA Final Presentation – Barcelona, Spain 2007

Encontro Ciência 2010 – Lisbon 2010

MIT-Portugal Program Conference – Porto 2010

FabriCamp Lx1 – Lisbon 2011

E3 Forum: Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship – Lisbon 2011

MIT Transportation Showcase – Cambridge, MA USA 2011

Inside Out Spring 2012 MIT Media Lab – Cambridge, MA 2012

World Urban Forum 6 – Naples, Italy 2012

MIT Engineering Systems Division Showcase - Cambridge, MA 2012

MIT Energy night – Cambridge, MA USA 2012

28th International PLEA Conference – Lima, Peru 2012

1st eCAADe Future Traditions Conference – Porto 2013

The International Conference on Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing (SIM2013) Lisbon

15th CAAD Futures 2013, Shanghai – China

The 10th China Urban Housing Conference