Situated Urbanism

The structure of the newly developed residential community is a new identity in the area along the HILLERØD. It is character­ized by subtle, scale buildings, which by their position between an exciting urban fabric of high quality green spaces is emerging. The high-quality outdoor spaces of public green spaces on the semi-public development of land, down to the private gardens associated with the accompanying road-building and thus protected open space with optimal effluent to the south area.

By linking the sites for cars using street-facing parallel development is the entire area goes on full car free. Inviting and receiving receipts with situations in the protected area of free residential lead on a centrally located Anger on tours through the buildings each. The overall impression of the resulting sequence provides wide space and intimacy, inviting and intimate areas.


The surfaces and materials should be simple and natural to the compact form of the buildings highlighted. The terraces, balconies and windows brake, the structure with simple means. The dimensions of each building are a homely environment and make refer­ence to human scale. The materials of the building allow for this self-confidently and independently appear emphasizes its shape and embed it in the soft landscape area.



The east-west oriented structure of the individual sections will be an economic development system operated. The course and development land are thereby minimized. The orientation / alignment of the street are building permits, through the busy train stop occurring noise in the apartments and to minimize the lower-lying land in the building to protect it. The apartments are naturally exposed and may be ventilated. In the ground floor are the individual residential units in addition to a private patio garden area. In the upper floors of each apartment has a spacious balcony.

 Efficiency and design

Efficiency of residential buildings by the compact structure with low building depth and optimal center distances. The low overall height shall not imply any particular design creates low cost basis. The buildings will be con­nected with the parking and areas for basement rooms of the apartment, washing technique and drying room was created.