2009 / ADEPT Architects
Artcloud - Oslo



We propose a building that offers a new type of public space in Oslo; a covered sculpture garden of the foyer and library, which melts city and building together. Above this new floating hill an abstract exhibition space as a cloud in the sky. The hill and the floating box connected by large voids create amazing vertical spaces, contexts, and light for hill landscape.


A 50,000 m2 museum with a complex operational program with an exhibition area, library, cafes, magazine, workplaces, shops, etc. in an interesting mix. Based on this very complex content is important and perhaps even a necessity to add a strong but simple strategy to organizing the program. This multifaceted program has different needs with respect to such light, altitude, atmosphere, etc. For example, the exhibition spaces have a high degree of flexibility, large horizontal spatial detail to be able to absorb radically changing developments, number of exhibitions, etc., while workshops, receive / extradition areas and management are clearly defined spaces, which time changed only minimally. Therefore, we propose to separate the overall programs in two large groups: one - THE FLOATING BOX - is an exhibition and magazine. The other - TRAY - is the public part of the foyer, the library, receive / extradition area, administration and workshops. Separation takes place in the building section, where the box is lifted over the hill, thereby creating a theatrical space that a covered urban space, a continuation of the surrounding urban space. Generating a new type of public space in Oslo and a fantastic location for a sculpture park.