2009 / ADEPT Architects
Københavnernes Nørreport
Nørreport will continue to be a space of transit. Even with a simplified and logical settlement with priority for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians are instead a traffic machine located in the middle of one of the city's large axial pull.
Here, the architecture into the background and make way for urban life.
Our proposal focuses on simplicity, which operates with the fewest possible elements but also resolves the function and not least Nørreport a significant place.

Therefore, the new Nørreport is not a building. The new Nørreport is a homogeneous coating that collects surface in a moving, urban landscape.
Two ground movements on either side of Frederiksborg Gades estuary in violent street comprises a skewed symmetry station's space program, access to the platforms and part of the bicycle parking. On the one hand raises the coating up to a vertical surface - a landmark and fixed point in space. On the other hand, the palm evenly from Gothersgade and culminates in a large south-facing, stair construction, which together with the facing vertical surface - screen - select a center.
An integrated media screen altered the transparent vertical surface and used as signage visible at great distance and information board at eye level. Here flowing black and white abstractions of the journey in a calm unbroken current supplemented by current information on urban and cultural events.
The screen has both landmark-quality and informative function.

To the west and the vehicular traffic, shoots back lining and defining a shielded pladsrum east. The long look at Frederiksborggade that cross the streets are kept free and mark the important relationship further towards Israel Square, Lakewood and Nørrebro.

These lifting surfaces comprise the majority of bicycle parking at him and below him, in the open and covered. With a slope not exceeding 1:20 Mon bikes up to the downturn from interface provides direct access to the platforms in one continuous movement. An optimal flow that brings the bike as close as possible to the station while the ground level is free from cycles and thus also the pedestrians unimpeded access to the station.
Space is for building, construction becomes space.

Ventilation outlets populating the surface in an irregular pattern and are supplemented by a further five pillars that holds stalls. Packed into the mirror foil and dressed in a stainless steel expanded metal screen reflects the bars a day of their surroundings and emphasizes urban space activity. By nightfall, it will be built hot tungsten visible and mirror are replaced gradually by luminance. As grossly oversized lamps are bars all over the new Nørreport and populate the site at night.

The vehicular traffic along Nørregade and Gothersgade form a natural transition between
Nørreport urban space and the Baltic and North Voldgade green boulevardrum. Here meetings Nørreport coating blanket boulevard gravel and grass, ventilation outlets be replaced by trees, high light levels of a more muted. With the implementation of the vision plan's proposal for an amendment of violence from the streets traffic to multifunctional green spaces, the transition between urban and green spaces will be even clearer.