The new Convention Center will be a work of extraordinary artistic value, characterized by innovative logistics solutions and a choice of technologically advanced materials in the construction industry. The building is being built in a strategic area of the historic district of the eur, a quadrant bounded by the Via Cristoforo Colombo, Viale Europa, Viale Asia and Viale Shakespeare, fully inserted in the urban environs, an area of about 27 000 square meters owned by EUR SpA.

The externally visible part of the new Convention Center will be the result of the interaction of three elements: the theca, the “cloud” and the hotel. The “cloud” is, without doubt, the characteristic architectural element of the project: the structure, with an extraordinary visual effect, will be made of an innovative membrane (fiberglass and silicone can guarantee the highest level of fire safety) and ‘floats’ in a “showcase” of steel and glass 40 meters high, 70m wide and 175 long.

The theca-cloud system was functionally designed to cover the exhibition space of the forum, but also as a horizontal connection of the various meeting spaces and connective midpoint between the basement and the “Cloud”.

The design of the New Convention Center is distinguished by its eco-friendly approach: a set of choices to reduce energy consumption by using energy produced through renewable sources.

That’s why there will be a climate control system with variable flow air conditioning that will allow optimal use of energy owing to the actual crowding of the building and that’s why, on the building roof, there are photovoltaic elements that allow a natural production of electricity and the protection of the building from overheating through the mitigation of solar radiation, which allows a substantial saving on energy consumption that would be required for the conditioning of the whole volume with traditional systems.

Despite the grandeur of the work, the skyline of the neighborhood will remain essentially unchanged. The viability of the area, according to the approved project, will not be altered.

The complex, in fact, was designed to dialogue with the surrounding neighborhood and is inserted in an urban context of particular importance. Nearby there are major urban centers such as the Palazzo dei Congressi, EUR Fermi underground stop, the artificial lake of EUR, Piazzale Marconi and will provided with underground parking. The intention is to use the New Convention Center and the Palazzo dei Congressi simultaneously making it become the first congress hub in Italy.

The New Convention Center will be a work of great importance for the entire city, designed to attract the business tourism demand, nationally and internationally, can overcome the spontaneity and give more systematic attention to the activities of the Italian operators involved in the meeting industry. The New Convention Center, in fact, will grow close to the airport, major ports and the most important lines of communication, on a that already offers relevant structures such as the Palazzo dei Congressi, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana and the Fiera di Roma. The attractiveness of the project will allow the New Convention Center to aspire to a leading position in the market for large international events. The project will represent a major boost for the local and regional economy due to significant both direct and indirect revenues.

The complex will be highly flexible, capable of hosting events with very different characteristics with a capacity that will reach nearly 8,000 seats, divided between the auditorium inside the cloud, “suspended” between 15 and 18 meters high, that can accommodate 1,800 people; large conference rooms for total 6,000 seats, adjustable in different configurations and can be divided into several modular meeting rooms from small to medium size.

The New Convention Center complex will include a 4 / 5 star hotel with 439 rooms including 7 suites, a restaurant, a fitness space of about 1000 square meters, four additional meeting rooms for 396 places and a cocktail bar of over 200 square meters.

Inside the complex there is a parking of 600 stalls shared with the hotel (over an area of 20,000 square meters). Works for the construction of the NCC began on February 1, 2008.