2007 / Maximiliano Fuksas
Is Molas Resort
Site: Pula(Cagliari), Italy
Client: Is Molas Spa
Area: 70000 mq
Type: on going

This project consists of the realization of the new ''Is Molas Resort'', a facility for the Is Molas Golf Club which is one of the most significant in Italy today. The facility is dedicated to high-quality tourism and includes residential areas as well.
The extension of the existing club will provide a hotel with 80 rooms and 36 suites, furthermore there will be holiday homes consisiting 3-4 units, with in total 292 beds.
The whole facility will be enriched with spacious and elegant meeting and strolling areas, e.g. the club ìla piazzaî and a sophisticated and central Spa.
The golf course, redesigned by Gary Player, is developed around the central clubhouse which forms the central point, connecting all courses.