2007 / Maximiliano Fuksas
Nouveau Palais de Justice D'Aix-en-Provence


Project team:
Junseung woo,Grazia Patrono,Annunziata Del Monaco,Giuseppe Giordano,Yeol Park, Paola Tosto, Nicola Cabiati, Giulio Gualtieri, Marco Roma, Luigi Valente

We created a program that allows the user to clearly differentiate from regular office buildings and move to a new scheme expression. The need for a stronger appearance takes over the image of a court, little by little, to a enigmatic “justice temple”.

 Indeed, the Palais de Justice in Aix-en-Provence is a project that, contrary to regular courts, does not place the courtroom at the ground floor. Here they are on a high place, which is accessed by a gentle slope from the boulevard Carnot. The building volumes cut quietly and hieratically their shapes in the sky of Aix, providing the city with an attentive monument to justice as a social space with a prominent and respectable appearance.

A place for deliberation and strong establishment for justice. With this unusual configuration, avoids the authoritarian and still mass effect induced by the scale of the program. We focus in reducing the built masses perception with fluid stone slabs that gently embrace the shape. It is homogeneous and compact and discreetly consumes all the available space in plan and height.

 The building envelope marks the court as immediately identifiable. The option for a light and scratch volume would improve its integration on the city through a sense of transparency addressing the problem of insertion on the immediate environment (the dispersion of masses built around) and close historic neighborhood (the old city, dense and homogeneous).

 The various program elements, such as the Juvenile Court, the Family Division, the criminal justice system, the Magistrates' Court, the prosecutor, the criminal Services, the Labor Court, the summary proceedings, the Registry and the Tribunal execution of sentences, can be found there side by side.