2007 / Maximiliano Fuksas
Cite des Arts et de la Culture in Besançon


Project team:
Grazia Patruno, Annunziata Del Monaco, Alexandra Machado, Nicola Cabiati,Frauke Stenz, Junseung Woo, Luigi Valente
The overall architectural goal is to combine the neutrality of pre existing buildings with a formal quality that helps generate community interest and global identity. Indeed, this pairing of pragmatic directness with tectonic vitality suggests that architecture is both a functional container and a medium of its own experimentation. The corrugated appearance, along with elements like the bridges, is intended to vaguely connect to “production” while the softer elements such as the old buildings make a contrast to the purely extruded nature of the corrugations. This element in particular both blends into the front façade and simultaneously creates a large figure to the surroundings. Its appearance is meant to be lively, informal, and yet institutionally strong at the same time.