2007 / Maximiliano Fuksas
Carreau Les Halles

Projet team:
Gianluca Littardi, Grazia Patruno, Annunziata Del Monaco, Nicola Cabiati, Frauke Stenz, Luigi valente
A new glass canopy, the “Carreau” will serve as the point of entry to the underground spaces. The expanded garden will be become an unenclosed “garden of light,” with special lighting to make it feel safer at night. Natural light will reach three floors down to the underground shopping area.

The major front door on Paris (800 000 travellers a day) is going to profit from a global restoration. The project thus reassures a continuity enter the garden of 4.3 ha and the new building. The room of exchanges with three lines of RER and 5 correspondences of subway will be totally restructured. There is  a glass 18 meters in height shell that will cover the public space. At night, the luminosity of the day will be restored to this patio thanks to photovoltaic techniques. In the heart of it there are big halls that will allow the circulation of the travellers and the walkers within “Les Halles”.