Combo is an entirely integrated bathroom, which coordinates and merges to a single piece all the elements, from ceramics and furniture, to lighting, brassware, bathroom accessories, and baths. A fun creation, presenting a young and fresh design thought for the intelligent use of the available space. It has been designed specifically to make the most of confined spaces, and allow a bathroom to be added to areas which might previously have seemed too small to accommodate one. It allows the creation of an en-suite, with the minimum loss of bedroom space.
The Combo bath is available freestanding or built-in and the head or foot of the bath can be fitted with a sliding bench, to allow comfort and ease of movement; there is as well an internally illuminated sidewall; Other innovations include ‘fold-away’ taps and bath showerheads, plus a detachable bath enclosure for hidden storage space.
The collection offers eight different pieces of furniture, featuring high-quality wood with a diverse variety of colours; also a wide range of accessories that reflect the Combo design, including towel rails, soap dishes and soap dispensers.