2009 / Mixed-use
Vardø - Warm Dunes - Europan
Ines Esnal, Adolfo Nadal, Eduardo Mayoral
Surface: 92.027m2
Budget: 30.706.000 €

 The strategy to generate the public space consists on creating a continuous surface to facilitate people circulating around. While respecting the pre-existing buildings, the unifying surface makes people aware of the dimensions of the harbor. “Cutting” the surface at certain strategic spots, will allow to pull up or down the plane for creating inhabitable dunes at different levels isolated from the extreme weather.

 Living an open-air public space in Vardø is very hard due to the very low temperatures reached there. Therefore, these bags are warm spaces spread all over the public surface as shelters for the welfare of people. They also work as bunkers for the snowball war contest. The warm bags serve as improvised programs such as summer bars, temporary markets, places for storage.

 There are also a number of vertical elements that activate the public space. They are getting energy out the wind and converting it into electricity to illuminate the public space and to warm the bags. These elements work as landmarks. They display information regarding the weather, the snow-battles, the time, commercials... They storage snow, modify the climate conditions around them, and provide with wireless connection the whole plaza.